Patches and Authenticity


The Never Felt Better logo has changed. The original patch looked like this

This patch was used on the NFB jean jacket. The patches are no longer produced. Therefore if you are purchasing an NFB item with this patch, make sure it is actually an original NFB item by asking the vendor for the order number, email confirmation, or name the order was placed under. we'll verify it for you.

The new patch looks like this:


This new logo patch is available on all new products including the NFB jean jacket. The purpose of this minimalistic patch is to be subtle enough that it wont clash with any other garments. We want you to be able to pair our pieces with anything :)


If you received it from us, you know its from us. That's a pretty safe way to know that your product is really from NFB. If you have the order number via the confirmation email, send it to us and we will verify if we ever sent that product out. If you didn't get it from the website itself, don't trust it. If we release a new system to check your authenticity, the new information will be posted here. We hope this helped! if you still have questions, please email us!