About Never Felt Better

Hey I'm Roshan, Owner of Never Felt Better. Here's a little tidbit about us :)


NFB was created to spread mental health awareness, positive vibes, and mental wellness. We don't know if we can change the world with t-shirts, but we know we can open a conversation. We know we can encourage people to talk about their mental health without stigma or judgement. We know that everyone has a right to sound mental health. NFB supports you on your mental health journey, whether that is a journey of discovery, recovery, or anything in between

We want to do all of this and support you because no matter how low you feel, how awful the day is, or how overwhelming life is:

You Are Not Alone 

And for those who already have a wonderful support system, reach out and connect with someone who needs one. One after another, impact someone in a positive way; show them that they are not alone. 


Giving Back: We believe in giving back to the community, so we have a system in place where we donate a portion of our profits to Mental Health America. As of now, we donate 5%of our profits to Mental Health America. As we grow, we hope to be able to donate larger portions of our proceeds to assist Mental Health America with their mission.